Dr Marieke Ledingham offers psychological therapy and executive coaching

Some areas I can help with:

  • Help with developing a calm and quietly confident professional identity 
  • Hazardous experiences at work such as bullying
  • Professional Burnout: Teacher, Nurse, Doctor and Lawyer and Mental Health Practitioner burnout prevention and recovery
  • Procrastination and other productivity issues including adjusting to adult ADHD diagnoses and its impact on work
  • Help with clarifying your work and personal goals, and helping you to achieve these goals
  • Workshops, team and leadership sessions in your organisation
  • Psychological Safety and Health Consulting
The personal and the professional are always intertwined, with difficulty in one area flowing into the other sphere. My experience in working in both areas of personal and professional, as well being a fully human and imperfect person myself, enables me to work with you on how to achieve your goals. Not by just pushing yourself harder, but by fully understanding your strengths, your stress triggers, your underlying beliefs and most importantly, what matters to you!